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The Providence Athenaeum is a unique library and cultural center in the heart of Providence, Rhode Island. Growing out of the Providence Library Company (fourth library in the United States), the Athenaeum as we know it was formed in 1836. Our handsome building on the corner of Benefit and College was completed in 1838.

We are one of the few surviving membership libraries in the nation. Student memberships are available - visit or call for more information.

This blog is updated by one of our circulation assistants (and YA enthusiast), Amy. Follow us to find out what's new in our Young Adult corner, or just for a daily dose of literary shenanigans.

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Staff Picks: Love Stinks

These ten tales of love gone wrong might not be the most cheerful picks to read around Valentine’s Day, but they’re a great alternative if mushy rom-coms and sparkly love songs make you ill. If everyone else has got a date to the spring fling and you’ll be home alone, try spending the evening with one of these books. Fair warning: they might not make you feel better.

Some of these stories feature perfect couples whose love is torn apart by circumstances – and some feature couples who perhaps never should have gotten together in the first place. There’s those whose love goes unrequited, those who loved and lost, the dumped, the dumpers and the ones that got away. It’s not all tears, though. What these stories may lack in idealistic romance, they more than make up for in thoughtfulness, humor and hope.

Of course, no list of star-crossed lovers would be complete without Romeo and Juliet. You can read the play and SEE the play all here at the Athenaeum! The Trinity Repertory Company has partnered with the Providence Athenaeum to present A Rose By Any Other Athenaeum, a special site-specific all-youth production of the classic play. The final performance will be here in the library on April 4th!

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