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We are one of the few surviving membership libraries in the nation. Student memberships are available - visit or call for more information.

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Five innovative reading chairs:

  • The Bibliochaise, a stylish, blocky chair that has 5 meters (about 16.4 feet) of shelf space.
  • The Bookinist, a cart-shaped portable chair with built-in shelves, a lamp, and a secret compartment for bookmarks, reading glasses and more.
  • The Bookworm, a swooping wrap-around shelf and chair that’s also a work of art.
  • The Dondola, a stainless steel rocking chair that allows you to adjust its angle by moving your books from one shelf to another.
  • The Cocoon 1, a cozy clear sphere with customizable cushions - great for avoiding the elements while reading outdoors.

Which one do you think is the ultimate in reader relaxation?

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